A weekend away in Palm Springs with BlackBird

Max and Annie | Los Angeles to Palm Springs | 50 minutes

Monday through Friday my girlfriend Annie and I work 10 hour days, complimented by an hour on the interstate in stand still traffic, all to go a lousy nine miles to and from work. Leaving at dusk and returning at dawn this weekly commute definitely gets old.

When Friday finally rolls around the thought of getting out of the city sounds ideal to the both of us, but the stand still traffic certainly doesn’t let up just because it’s the weekend. We have committed ourselves to road trips in and out of LA numerous times but this weekend I decided to shuffle the deck a little bit.

I pulled out my phone and booked us a couple seats on a flight right out of Hawthorne Airport to Palm Springs on Friday night via the BlackBird app. Keeping the weekend plans quiet until we stepped out of an Uber straight onto the Tarmac and boarded our own plane, made me feel like a new era Casanova. After the 10-minute Uber ride from our house we were up in the air by happy hour and en route to Palm Springs. A trip that would normally take us over three hours in the car took us an hour from door to door.

Flying above the San Bernardino National Forest at sunset is a view I won’t soon forget. Traffic jams, gate changes and lines at LAX all felt like a thing of the past. BlackBird made this private flight experience feel like it was made for Annie and I.

Having the ability to communicate with our pilot John via our headsets made us feel comfortable, safe and even more a part of the experience. He was able to answer all of our questions about the flight, route and plane. After what felt like the fastest hour of my life, we hopped off the plane, thanked the pilot and were on our way to a long and relaxing weekend in Palm Springs. Not once throughout our trip did we have to think about the dreaded traffic jammed highway back to LA. Instead, we were stoked to hop back on the plane Sunday night and soar above all the cars inching their way back to the city. Weekends in our future will definitely have less of a commute leaving more time for ‘us’.

Where are you going next?