Making room for more family time

Alice | Sacramento to the Peninsula | 60 minutes

With home in Sacramento and work on the Peninsula, it used to take at least two and a half hours to drive to the office – on a good day. I tried commuting back and forth every day, but it wore me down so much that I decided to just stay on the Peninsula from Monday to Thursday, then drive home for the weekend. I hated that I was spending less time with my family, but what I was doing was unsustainable: waking up before dawn every morning, working long days, and enduring over five hours of traffic per day. I was just so drained. But when my commute was reduced to just on weekends, I was still getting stuck in traffic, and the time spent with my family and friends would always feel so rushed. I didn’t feel happy about my situation, until I started flying with BlackBird.

I had tried flying in the past, thinking that I’d save time, but when I added up the time that I was spending, waiting to get through the lines, or waiting on a delayed flight, I quickly realized I wasn’t really saving any time. With BlackBird, I actually save time. Booking a flight is as simple as requesting an Uber or Lyft. And now, instead of sitting in traffic, I get to fly over it and watch the Bay Area come to life as the sun rises.

I am really thankful that BlackBird has allowed me to spend more quality time with my loved ones and that I no longer have to cram a week’s worth of activities into a weekend. Now, I can wake up at a more reasonable hour, have breakfast with my kids, and be home early enough to have dinner with them.

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