Trading traffic for a direct flight to Tahoe

Doug and Jane | San Carlos to Lake Tahoe | 70 minutes

If you go to Tahoe as often as my partner and I do, then you know that packing involves two phases. There’s the gear you plan to use in the snow – boots, jackets, gloves – and the gear that you will have to use if you get stuck on the drive.

Every time we drive up, there’s always a pretty big chance that we would be told to turn around and head home after spending hours in bumper to bumper traffic on I-80 or Highway 50. We were just so sick of the uncertainty and even sicker of wasting away our weekends in traffic.

When we found out about BlackBird, we realized that there is finally a way to skip the traffic and just go straight to the slopes. No more racing against the Google Maps ETA! Booking on the app was as easy as getting an Uber or Lyft, and knowing that we wouldn’t be stuck in traffic for hours meant we could pack lighter too.

Best of all, we got to relax and just take in the view on our flight, which only took about an hour. Seeing Lake Tahoe from the sky was absolutely breathtaking. When we landed, we were actually refreshed, rather than tired from sitting in traffic. Because of all of the time saved, we were able to take our time without feeling rushed between skiing, going out to eat, and visiting the Truckee Brewing Company.

Because of BlackBird, we spent an actual weekend in Tahoe, not just a hectic night sandwiched by hours of traffic. Anyone who knows the pains of the drive up to Tahoe should try it at least once.

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