A family trip is just a flight away with BlackBird

The Gonzalez Family | San Francisco to Monterey | 30 minutes

I don’t know about you, but in order to keep my family running smoothly it takes teamwork to manage and organize the five us and our daily, weekly and monthly schedules. The seemingly less urgent activities are easily thrown to the bottom of the list week after week until they’re completely forgotten about, rather than checked off the bucket list.

Taking the kids south to Monterey for a weekend trip to hang out on Old Fisherman’s Wharf and show them the Monterey Bay Aquarium was on our list as an ideal family excursion. But, what didn’t sound great was driving three and half hours in stop and go traffic after a long week of work and a restless set of children in the backseat.

Instead of our family trip to Monterey getting canceled for the third time in the past six months, BlackBird enabled my wife, kids and I to book an efficient, convenient and cheap alternative option to driving. My wife downloaded the app, picked a departure time and was able to book the five of us on a round trip flight out of our local airport without breaking the bank.

Instead of the three and a half hour one way drive that prevented us from making this trip happen months prior, we were in Monterey 30 minutes after take off.

The option for short-regional travel is now the norm for my family and I. If we are able to spend a quarter of the amount of travel time to get from point a to point b, at an affordable price point, I don’t see a reason for the traffic jammed road trips from here on out.

Instead of bumper to bumper traffic for miles on end we soared above it all, as the kids waved to the cars in gridlock on Highway 101, and arrived right on time for our dinner reservation. This trip brought us closer as a family allowing the five of us to drive up to the plane and get on our way without waiting in a line.

Whether we’re planning a full weekend getaway or a simple day trip to get out of the city, the possibilities are endless and available in the palm of our hands via the BlackBird app.

We keep taking trips and the kids continue to ask where we can go next with BlackBird.

Where are you going next?