Turn your aircraft’s downtime into extra income

The Aircraft Owners Program uses your aircraft when you’re not, providing extra income and removing the hassle of ownership.

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Buy a plane with Blackbird

How it works


BlackBird gets you a top aircraft manager.


We rent out your aircraft when you're not using it.


You get paid.

Make more money

Earn bonuses from the first flight.

You’ll reap rewards from the start, pocketing a $1,000 bonus for the first flight. From there, you’ll earn another $2,500 bonus if your aircraft flies 100+ hours in the first three months with BlackBird.

Reduce your taxes.

BlackBird offers a first-of-its-kind tax strategy for new and existing owners. Looking to buy? Our team specializes in sourcing, funding, and purchasing aircraft for as low as $45,000 down.

Keep your aircraft in shape

Leave management to the pros.

Your aircraft is always in good hands. Add your plane to a fleet that’s managed to the highest standards and rented out at competitive rates.

Enjoy the perks of ownership

Fly whenever you want.

You retain full access to your plane, and gain access to pilots in the BlackBird network — all commercially rated with 500+ hours in the sky — to fly you whenever you want.