Community Flight Agreement

May 8, 2019

The Community Flight Agreement is the agreement between the creator of the flight (lessee of the aircraft in accordance with the Aircraft Lease) and members of the BlackBird community wishing to join the creator.

BlackBird users engaging in a community flight agreement understand and agree that BlackBird’s platform provides an online aviation marketplace and BlackBird is not an FAA certified direct air carrier or operator, does not own, maintain, or operate aircraft, and does not directly employ pilots.

In addition to connecting pilots, aircraft, and users, the BlackBird marketplace will connect members of the BlackBird community with other members who have utilized the platform to lease an aircraft and hire a pilot.

To travel on a community flight, joining members:

  • Will not compensate the user leasing the aircraft
  • Do not have operational control of the trip
  • May be charged platform fees for using the BlackBird marketplace to join a flight
  • Must follow the requirements in the User Terms and Conditions
  • In the event the creator of the flight cancels, the first person that joined the flight, will be given the option to: (1) Lease the aircraft, (2) Hire flight crew to operate the aircraft (3) Accept operational control

Members leasing an aircraft via the BlackBird marketplace and allowing members of the BlackBird community to join their flight:

  • Will not accept compensation from joining BlackBird members
  • Understand and agree to maintain operational control of the flight
  • Will not advertise, sell, or otherwise “hold out” their flight
  • Are responsible for hiring or providing qualified flight crew to operate the flight