We bring you the freedom of flight

At BlackBird, we believe that driving shouldn’t be the only option for personal transportation. Over the last fifty years we’ve lost the freedom and endless possibility that cars used to represent and simply accepted traffic and the limitations of driving as a way of life. In fact, we view the world through a car-centric lens, choosing where we live and work based on how long driving between them will take. We limit our weekend trips based on how long it will take to drive there and back.  

No matter who you are, no matter what you do, we all face challenges, obstacles, rules, limitations and frustrations—this daily struggle is gravity that pulls us down and tries to keep us from reaching our potential. Together we will defy gravity.

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Our people

Rudd Davis
Founder & CEO
Jamie Loberman
Co-Founder & Product/Engineering
Brian Hsu
Philip Bolton
Sr. Manager of Finance & Analytics
Chris Bradley
Software Engineer
Max Bradley
Account Executive
Alejandro Chang
Software Engineer
Thaki Chowdhury
Software Engineer
Helen Cleary
Safety, Compliance & Operations
Stephanie Derouin
Customer Experience Specialist
Chuck Drews
Supply Manager
Chase Garber
Customer Experience Specialist
Benjamin Johnson
Operations Specialist
Dane Kim
Product Designer
Mandy Mak
Software Engineer
Ryan Mapes
Head of Growth
Amanda Mitchell
Software Engineer
Brian Nichols
Head of Operations
Zach Porteous
Inside Sales Represenative
Alex Rakstins-Palladino
Operations Specialist
Chelsey Renehan
Customer Experience Specialist
Caitlin Silva
Head of Customer Experience
Jacinth Sohi
Head of Support
Nate Taylor
Operations Specialist
Cameron Williams
Operations Manager
Diana Wong
Product Designer
Lauren Wu
Sr. Manager of Marketplace Ops

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